pearl family vineyards - our land

Pearl Family Vineyards is part of a 120 acre estate in the Applegate Valley viticultural area along the banks of the beautiful Applegate River.

We created Pearl Family Vineyards by selecting the 30 acres of the estate best suited for growing premium Pinot Noir grapes.

Because it is located within an isolated area, Pearl Family Vineyards enjoys a pristine growing environment, isolated from potentially negative pathogens. We plant our grapes 900 feet above sea level, an outstanding environment to maximize flavors, brix, and acid.

Southern Oregon’s ideal climate contributes to optimal growing conditions for Burgundy grapes. Bloom occurs in mid- June offering natural protection from the late spring frosts. Maturation takes place during the ideal cooler fall days resulting in "hang time" that produces fully-developed varietal characteristics.


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pearl family vineyards