pearl family vineyards - our grapes

Pearl Family Vineyards grows most of the Pinot Noir clones available to grapegrowers:

  •   Wadinswil
  •   Pommard
  •   667
  •   777
  •   115

This clonal array provides a combination of deep red colors, intense flavors, supple tannins and complexity desired by many winemakers.

Our grapes reflect nature's gifts of climate and terrain reinforced by viticultural care and attention-to-detail.  Every vine and grape cluster is treated with care, up until and including Pearl Family Vineyards' just-in-time harvesting process, we strive to optimize flavor, sugar levels and acknowledge the micro-distinctions expressed in each clone. 

Please click here to see a chart of our vineyard blocks.


pearl family vineyards photo pearl family vineyards photo pearl family vineyards photo